Diagnosis & Treatment



So you have been feeling sick for months, been to many doctors and have not received any answers. Some of the symptoms of ANCA Associated Vasculitis (AAV) include: Fatigue, Weight loss, Fever, Shortness of breath... more symptoms



Doctors use a combination of laboratory tests and physical examinations to diagnose Vasculitis. These tests usually look at the area of the body that is affected. Many times, patients need to see specialists to look at these specific parts that have been affected. Below are some tests that may be used to help with diagnose and monitoring Vasculitis: CBC or "complete blood count"...more diagnosis

After Diagnosis


You've just been diagnosed with one of the forms of ANCA Associated Vasculitis (AAV). What do you do now?...more after diagnosis



Treatment is dependent on: The type of ANCA Vasculitis, The organs affected, Other medical...more treatment